How To Care For Your Wooden Furniture At Home

Furniture plays a very crucial role in the beautification of  our homes.

Want to know how ?

Remove all furniture in your home right , if not physically in your mind’s eye,  how does it feel?

 Empty right?

 But do you know that having just any furniture is not the most important thing, having the right furniture piece and ensuring they are properly maintained and displayed is the goal.

 What is the essence of getting great furniture that does not showcase its beauty and bring out the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Not cool right?

A great But Dirty or Dull looking furniture would still not be fulfilling its purpose and that is why i’m sharing with you these tips on maintaining and cleaning your home furniture so they can fulfill their true purpose which is to showcase the beauty of your home.


 Let’s go!!

 The very first on the list is…

  1. Don’t Mis-use Your Furniture

To avoid damages on your tables for example, always use coasters when using glasses or mugs on wood tables, and never place food directly from the stove on them without a potholder. Jumia features a lot of some of these accessories.

         2. Avoid direct contact with sunlight

Some Furniture don’t agree with the outdoors, except they are specifically made for the outdoors, Sunlight, rain and heat can wreak havoc on your furniture. If made for indoors, let it stay indoors.Don’t place valuable furniture before an open window with a lot of sun rays.

         3. Dust your furniture regularly

A beautiful piece of furniture makes for a beautiful room and no matter how beautiful , when there is a layer or more of dust on it , the glow and shine reduces, thus it is important to ensure that the glow remains. There are several wood glow and shine products in the market that will work perfectly for your furniture.

         4. Keep sharp objects far away

A chip here , another mark here , takes away from the beauty of your furniture, so ensure that sharp objects are kept far away from  your furniture. It causes marks which damages the protective surface of your furniture.

         5. Oil and Wax your wood religiously

Oiling and waxing of your wood is extremely and highly recommended since it gives it a sparkling finish. Also, it adds a protective coating. A coating on the surface that helps enliven its appearance.

         6. Use lukewarm water for your cleaning duties.

You should always use warm water and mild dish washing soap to wash your home furniture. But make sure not to soak it for a long period of time. Clean it until no dust can be found on it. The remaining moisture is always cleaned with a cloth later.

With the few tips I have highlighted above, you’ll never ever fail with maintaining your wooden furniture at home .

How has this article helped you ? have you ever  tried using any of this methods to maintain your furniture ? leave a comment for me below to let me know or add your own useful tip in the comment section.

Thank you.

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